This tutorial will be held as part of the MICCAI 2023 Conference in Vancouver, Canada. (Oct 8-12, 2023). It will cover issues related to medical image analysis/image-guided intervention research and its transition to medical devices. We will discuss the implications of the medical regulatory process to both AI-development and software engineering.


Going from academic research to the medical device industry is a natural transition for many people. If you have considered pursuing an industry role, or even starting your own medical device company one day, you’re not alone. But do you have a good grasp on the medical regulatory process and its implications for both research and development of medical software (including image-guided intervention) projects?

This workshop aims to help you gain a better understanding of the regulatory and software engineering requirements and processes that will position you for success as you transition to the medical device industry.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this tutorial, the students will:

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