Creating the Class

True to this being a software class, we followed a four-iteration “Agile” life cycle to organize the entire process. The four student aides that helped with the class reviewed, and corrected my slides, and watched and commented on the practice videos (e.g., one comment said: “this segment is far too boring and dry.” That segment went back to the drawing board at that point.)

Studio Setup

We tried different setups in the studio. We ended up using the setup in the middle for the student presentations and the one on the right for the faculty lectures.

Setup 2

Left: This was what we looked at when lecturing. The control room is behind the window at the back of the picture. Right: Pictures taken to record the cabling setup. Even though most of the connections were nominally reversible (USB-C), this was not the case in practice.

The Green ROOM

This is the wall of the speaker preparation room -- the "Green" room. Many well known people who have been through the Yale Studio signed their names on the wall.

Wall Zoom-UP

Here is a zoom up of a portion of the wall. A former U.S. president, a former secretary of state and two Nobel prize winners among the people signing there.